What we do

We specialise in the blending, mixing and packing of dry powders and particulates (all Free-from of course!)

We can accurately blend large and small particles and powders with inclusions, or on their own.

You may have various pack formats you would like us to pack in, or maybe just the one. We’re sure we have got the solution you’re looking for. If it isn’t listed below, please bear in mind that we will always try and accommodate your needs wherever we can. It’s always worth a chat with us!

Primary packaging types:

  • Pillow pack
  • Gusset pack
  • Stand up pouch (SUDO / DOY style) 
  • Quad pack
  • Pots

Secondary packaging types:

  • Shelf ready packaging (SRP)
  • Bag in box
  • Portion pack in carton

Pack Types

How do we do it?

Very well if we may say so! Very competitive cost per unit is achieved through strong efficiency and productivity, high yields, and a mission to eradicate waste in our process wherever we find it.

As an example, this year we have reduced the time taken to clean-down and changeover on our production lines by 50%, whilst maintaining and improving on our cleaning standards. It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it!

The result of this effort, is that we can reduce the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for our customers. This is a huge benefit in almost every market place, but can be crucial in the Free-from market. Although rapidly growing, the volumes are still very small in comparison to main aisle. Produce too much and you can then be left watching the clock as the life of the product ticks down, as well as tying up cash in stock.

Our work means you may find you can have your Free-from cake and eat it! A batch size you want, at a price you’re happy with.

All this great waste saving and improvement work is made possible by the true stars of the show. Our team. Dedicated, knowledgeable with bags of experience and know-how, these guys are the ones that make it all happen.