Food Safety

Our site is free from the EU 14 named allergens, and we’re one of only a handful of factories in the UK who can claim this.

We have almost 15 years of Free From and retailer experience, and are approved with the highest possible audit scores for all of them.

We do not allow any of the 14 named EU allergens (listed below) on site, and test our raw materials extensively for gluten and diary meaning you can claim this on front of pack.

Our intensive and wide ranging analysis of the ingredient supply chain reduces the risk of any allergens entering our facility. In conjunction with this, is testing of the ingredients both before they arrive at site, along with sampling and further testing on certain ingredients once they arrive with us.

This stuff requires specific expertise and understanding (along with a hefty chunk of patience!) and we have this in abundance!

We can support you in front of pack claims on Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soya Free and Wheat Free

We are BRC AA* certified. Recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative, this includes site standards, risk management and product safety amongst many others. Our grade means you have peace of mind that your products will be packed in a factory where quality and food safety are paramount. The * means our audit is unannounced. An auditor can arrive at any time. And we are always ready for them!

Approved with the highest audit scores possible, for all major UK retailers.